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The water has always been a close friend, and swimming my summertime joie de vivre. I am an urban gal at the core, but nothing brings me happiness quite like the ocean blue. My family and I, all probably made up 90% of water, tried our hand at the paddle with City Kayaking in Dublin, a 2-hour kayaking round trip on the River Liffey. Congregating at the company’s small trailer near the Samuel Beckett bridge, guests are provided a group locker for storage, a vest, an oar, and, in cooler temperatures or on rainy days, a waterproof jacket and pants.…


In the first few weeks that I was in Dublin, I was warned to steer clear of any phrase that included the word “fanny,” given the correct spelling of the Irish equivalent of “idiot,” and toasted a glass of wine with the Gaelic for “cheers.” Irish jargon can catch you off guard initially, but you grow accustomed to it quickly. And it never seems to lose its charm. Below, you’ll find a list of Irish slang and phrasing that you should definitely know before heading to the Emerald Isle. It’s all in the lingo! Cheers – A common phrase used in…