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Traveling with friends is so fulfilling. I appreciate my solo travel time, because it’s nice to not have to abide by anyone’s agenda, and I’m instantly reflective of my experiences. But to travel with friends, a close sibling, or a significant other creates memories you can actually enjoy with someone else. Having a friend to share minor disasters, mind-blowing sights, and mega-fun activities with will mean a lot to both of you. Between studying abroad and travels with my sister and one of my closest friends, I have a film reel of moments that plays on a loop (even unconsciously) in…


For my birthday, I asked my parents for a few things: a new top, a couple of books, and a journal for traveling. I’m excitedly packing one of the journals they got me away for my trip next week. Journaling has always been a haven for me to express my thoughts freely and unconsciously, a private place to look back on conversations, moments, and memories that have been tucked into drawers of my mind that I forgot existed until I read about an encounter and am flooded with overwhelming nostalgia. I kept one religiously while I studied abroad, that I…