northern ireland


Hello hello! It’s hard to believe that my family and I came back from Europe three weeks ago. Kaylee came home from Dublin nine days ago. As sad as I know she was to be leaving home there, I’m very, very happy she’s back. My parents are the root of my travel bug, raising Brady, Kaylee, and I to seek out the cadences of culture and nature from a young age. I never forget how privileged I am be part of a family who has always prioritized travel. And I’m grateful not only for the places we have been able…


“This is the closest you’ll ever get to Kit Harrington’s bum.” The observation is made by Aenne, our tour guide, who is gesturing to a worn tree stump among the beech trees surrounding us. Forty of us stand huddled together in plastic ponchos, November’s icy pellets of rain slowing to a sprinkle, as Aenne pulls out her book of still images to show us where and when, exactly, Kit’s bum called said stump home. My sister, Kaylee, my mom, Brenda, and I slip from the crowd to take turns grabbing a seat and posing for a photo. I probably say…