It only takes a new setting to send those creative juices into a tizzy. I know my imagination kicks into full gear when I’m traveling, and my brain buzzes endlessly. For those of us whose souls live and breathe artistry, travel is air. It sets us up immediately to run into inspiration, and begs to be a piece of the puzzle. Most times, I’ve learned, it’s the missing piece. And the grand “Aha!” moment when you find it coats the world in gold. If you’re ever in a writing rut, do this: travel. As a creative writer, characters and stories manifest…


For my birthday, I asked my parents for a few things: a new top, a couple of books, and a journal for traveling. I’m excitedly packing one of the journals they got me away for my trip next week. Journaling has always been a haven for me to express my thoughts freely and unconsciously, a private place to look back on conversations, moments, and memories that have been tucked into drawers of my mind that I forgot existed until I read about an encounter and am flooded with overwhelming nostalgia. I kept one religiously while I studied abroad, that I…