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Happy April!Whooooo whee, how are we already three full months into the year? I feel like these days I blink and the work week is… over. And in nine days, my family is traveling to Europe to visit my sister, Kaylee, in Dublin! We’re spending some time in Northern Ireland and Krakow, Poland…


Cyclists near and far, beginner and intermediate, this one’s for you.I’m an amateur rider at best, having spent a summer learning how to confidently bike from my home in Everett, Massachusetts to downtown Boston in order to feel secure in cycling through Dublin for four months. When I arrived, the left lane…


Happy spring! It is far from the season here, as we’re expecting more snow today. *face palm* I thought that I would start an Ireland series here, because I am SO excitedly returning to visit my sister, Kaylee, as she is studying abroad in Dublin this semester. We both are now honorary Champlain College…


James Taylor knew what he was talking about. Except instead of sunshine and moonshine, I can see the flourishing clouds covering and uncovering the sky and feel the drunken ecstasy.The mountains are one of my favorite things in the entire world, and though Ireland isn’t mountainous, per se, the terrain is rugged and…


I love Dublin. Which many of you already know. I’m currently tapping my fingers rapidly against the keyboard, hoping to drum up some new way of writing out my love for the city, but I keep coming back to the word home. There’s a low key wonder to Dublin, not asking of itself…

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Wandering Through Westeros


“This is the closest you’ll ever get to Kit Harrington’s bum.” The observation is made by Aenne, our tour guide, who is gesturing to a worn tree stump among the beech trees surrounding us. Forty of us stand huddled together in plastic ponchos, November’s icy pellets of rain slowing to a sprinkle…


On a post-grad trip to Europe, I couldn’t not stop in Dublin. It was my third time to the city, the second time as a visitor, the first thinking, welcome home. Even before I boarded my flight, I had the feeling of someone returning home after being away for a while.And though…


In the first few weeks that I was in Dublin, I was warned to steer clear of any phrase that included the word “fanny,” given the correct spelling of the Irish equivalent of “idiot,” and toasted a glass of wine with the Gaelic for “cheers.” Irish jargon can catch you off guard initially, but you…