Welcome! Grab your ice cream, and settle in for the journey.

How I came into blogging

On the Rogue Again was born out of my unavoidable passions for travel and writing, both fostered and encouraged by my parents. When I told them at nine years old that I wanted to be a writer, they showered me in nothing but support. And when I briefly changed my mind at twelve and said I wanted to be an engineer, my mom dissuaded me.

This blog was originally originally a place to keep my family and friends updated on my semester studying in Dublin, Ireland. When I came home, a few entries short of completion, I set to work on wrapping up, and from there stemmed the idea to keep the blog going. Once I was a post-grad semi-adult, I re-launched On the Rogue Again to share tips, mishaps, and inspiration for readers’ future trips.

And I LOVE those components. But between graduating from college in 2017, working full-time, and preparing to move to New York in July of 2018, I didn’t have much time or money to plan future travels. As you’d expect, once I’d traveled and written all there was to write, with an expanse of time in between trips that left me content-less, I was feeling uninspired. I wanted to expand the blog’s potential and keep exploring new stories, meet new people, serve as an outlet for not only my travels but also for products and experiences that are all around us.

Now, On the Rogue Again is a travel-based lifestyle blog helping you find the extraordinary right outside your front door. Travel doesn’t need to be continents away or heart-stoppingly daring to be meaningful. It can be as simple as a bar of chocolate from a local store, or reading an amazing book.

Tidbits about me

I’m a half-mountain, half-skyscraper vagabond soul whose greatest loves in life are pizza, ice cream, and donuts. My bike and ballet slippers are my best friends, the former the only sort of solitary exercise I will partake in. I recently discovered my French ancestral roots, which would probably explain my obsession with croissants, crepes, and the French language–though I still can’t maintain more than a five-day streak relearning it on Duolingo. Ireland is my favorite country ever, New England is where I will probably spend all of my settled life, and I’m currently a Brooklynite who can’t get enough of the city. I drink coffee only for the taste and my dream home is inside an art museum.

So, what can you expect on the blog?

Travel: The off-the-beaten-path destinations, the tips and tricks for traveling smoothly and like a local, the mishaps, the heartfelt stories.

Life in Brooklyn: I’m a new New Yorker with an appetite for every cupcake and park that comes into view. You’ll find posts about my favorite neighborhood joints, why you should spend time in the borough, and what sorts of trouble, uhhhh, I mean adventures, I’m getting up to.

Supporting local: Since purchasing all of my produce at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket in Prospect Park, I’ve been on a mission to support local communities, not exclusively to Brooklyn. You can read my stories and about products you should (I can’t force you, but I can highly recommend) support, too.

Of my adventures, I’ve taken a cooking class in Austria, tried kayaking for the first time (with a miserably failed start), and hiked in the breakdown lane of a highway to a fortress.

Travel has made me realize that home is not confined to one place. It is written in the veins of places, people, and memories that structure a sense of home. It is everything massive and minuscule that we stumble on in our daily lives that give our lives purpose. I hope you’ll stick around and follow me to the corners of home on this beautiful planet.

For inquiries or to just send a quick note, contact me at ontherogueagainblog@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!