December 2018


If you know me, and read my last post, you probably know about my love affair for Christmas. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because it sets the tone for a cheer-filled holiday season, and grounds me in gratefulness for the blessings in my life. Christmas has that same feeling, and how lucky we are that the time for merriness lasts a whole month! I love the traditions that surround the day, and the joy of being with loved ones and watching everyone light up as they open presents. With two cousins ages 6 and 3, Christmas still retains its youthful…


HAPPY DECEMBER 1. *Plays Santa Claus is Coming to Town on repeat* Welcome to my first Blogmas! This is a very last minute decision on my part, thanks to a Saturday afternoon spent curled up on my bed watching Carrie Hope Fletcher’s 2016 Vlogmas videos. The moment Thanksgiving is over, my world shifts onto the Christmas axis, and I become a string of Jingle Bells and hot chocolate. All. The. Hot. Chocolate. Blogmas is a 25-day holiday-centered blog challenge. Once I finished Carrie Hope Fletcher’s final video, inspiration struck. Lindsay, Inspiration, appearing in the form of a glimmering golden orb, whispered. Why don’t you…