Hey there, strangers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, minus these recent stories on Nice, France and Burlington, Vermont. You can find a new addition to the series, “This Wild Heart,” every Thursday.

Today, though, I’m finally re-entering the blog sphere, complete with updates and upcoming projects. Hi again.

Here’s what’s been happening in my neck of the woods:

As of last week, I have been a New York resident for two months. It still feels like a dream to say: for a writer, it’s a vision of inspiration; and more, it’s a longtime plan come true. I moved to Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn with two good friends I studied abroad with, where we’re smack dab in the center of northern Brooklyn. Journeying to new neighborhoods mostly sees the same rows of brownstones and their front yard gardens, but with totally different local colors. I spoke with someone today who said you can travel the world in the confines of Brooklyn, and I’m here for the metaphor.

For a traveler, New York is a gold mine of activity, as observed above. My Google Maps app has become one giant green flag of want to go’s, and slowly we are checking off every item… while the list continues to grow. It’s an excited sort of daunting to think about all there is to do. And, honestly, where I currently don’t have the funds to jet away and travel frequently, exploring Brooklyn and Manhattan fill every last void.

From picnicking in the Brooklyn Bridge Park to eating blueberry sweet cheese kolaches on Saturday mornings to riding the waves of thrill at Coney Park to bicycling through Prospect Park, summer in the city has been unbeatable. Though it’s been sweltering and my bike was stolen, all of it is magic.

I’ve eaten lots of food. Lots of good food. And drank a delicious string of iced coffees. And walked through parks flourishing with the scent of freshly cut grass and flora. At every turn there is something exquisite to stumble on. New York is one great big mystery that I love unfolding from the inside out.

So I’ve decided to expand the scope of the blog.

On the Rogue Again has been solely a travel blog since I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland three years ago. (Which still completely blows my mind.) Travel is and will always be the ringmaster here, but I am (sort of) expanding into lifestyle. Cue the party poppers!

I read this really great post by Girl Vs. Globe on what a lifestyle blog is, which has been really helpful insight into planning new content. And another favorite blogger of mine, Helene in Between, once said in an Instagram Q&A that she doesn’t believe in needing a niche to be successful.

Now I’m stepping into lifestyle territory, but with a travel basis. Like life in Brooklyn and New York travel tips. (You can check out my first official piece on the burrough, a story I wrote for offMetro featuring Brooklyn’s best breweries and distilleries.)  Or my recent drive to support local, not just traveling like a local. Travel can weave itself into the big and small moments of life, as has always been my goal to share in this blog, and that’s where the lifestyle aspects come in. Like a Manhattan with a twist, my plans for the blog are taking on a brighter zeal.

Whether it’s a future trip, a weekend adventure in New York, my favorite reads of the year, or a story on homegrown (literally anywhere) products, On the Rogue Again will retain the same travel brand, but with a titch more personality. I want to share more of myself alongside my tips and ideas for trips. It’s a transition I’ve considered for a while, and finally rolling these out is thrilling.

Stay tuned for new posts! Starting on Monday, you can expect 2-3 weekly posts. Follow me along on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for even more of a peek at the adventures!

I hope you’re ready for the next chapter of On the Rogue Again. I am pumped.



    • Lindsay Reply

      It’s coming up in a few days! 🙂 Thanks for checking in!

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