I love Dublin. Which many of you already know. I’m currently tapping my fingers rapidly against the keyboard, hoping to drum up some new way of writing out my love for the city, but I keep coming back to the word home. There’s a low key wonder to Dublin, not asking of itself and only presenting its heart on its sleeve. My memories there are encased in a halo of buttery yellow, because it’s just so dang lovely in sights and manner. I always felt safe and happy there. I feel safe and happy when I return to moments spent there, as you may have read in my post here about returning over the summer.

Dublin is historic, quirky, youthful, delectable, clever, and undoubtedly gorgeous. It is the sweet and the sour, a juxtaposition of past and future, and in many ways a boundless determination to linger in this balance. These photos don’t capture it fully, which is like Dublin itself: pleasantly complex.

Champlain College, Dublin, where I studied in the fall of 2015.

Sometimes, the best method of persuasion is through visuals. I hope these photos inspire your trip to Dublin!


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